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Why Restaurant Staff Should Have Uniforms

Whether you run a laid-back cafe or a fine dining restaurant, uniforms are an absolute necessity for your restaurant business. Here are just a few reasons why all food service businesses should provide restaurant uniforms for their staff.

Spruce Up Your Dinner Table with Impressive Napkin Folding

In this day and age of casual dining and single-use plastics, the art of napkin folding seems out of place and obsolete. Who needs to learn how to fold napkins when you’re using flimsy, throwaway paper napkins anyway? But no amount of paper napkins – even the most expensive of them – could replicate the […]

Why the Restroom is One of the Most Important Rooms in Your Business

Did you know that two-thirds of Americans have had a particularly upsetting or disappointing experience in a public restroom? This number might as well translate to two-thirds of all your business’ customers if you are not careful or thorough! The same survey reveals poor plumbing, unpleasant odor, and poorly-equipped and empty dispensers as among the […]

How to Change Your Restaurant Ambiance Using Aprons

Do you really need aprons in your restaurants? If you’ve asked this at some point, you are not alone. Many restaurant owners have been contemplating the necessity of aprons for their servers and kitchen staff. After all, this is the age of bare brick walls, deconstructed desserts, and casual pop-up restaurants. Don’t aprons seem a […]

What Does Our TRSA Clean Green Certification Mean for Your Food Business?

Republic Master Chefs is a TRSA-certified Clean Green Laundry Facility! But what does that mean for your food business? TRSA Clean Green Certification Aside from our long history of delivering topnotch laundry and linen service, Republic Master Chefs is also proud to wear our Clean Green badge from the TRSA. The Clean Green certification is […]

Five Reasons Why Your Southern California Food Business Should Partner With Republic Master Chefs.

Southern California food businesses require a top-of-the-line linen provider. Choose Republic Master Chefs’ exceptional service! You will not regret this decision. Here are some reasons why your Southern California food business should partner with us: Price – We ensure affordability, as well as high-quality products. You will save more money through our linen service, rather […]

How Restaurants can Benefit from Linen Services

Sanitation practices play a vital role in the food service industry. Restaurants must take careful precautions to ensure food is prepared properly and served safely. Along with following safe serving procedures, restaurant sanitation requires a lot of maintenance. Linen services can assist in this burdensome maintenance and improve the overall efficiency of your restaurant. Restaurants […]

Proper Restaurant Attire for the Front and Back of House

Appearances can make or break any business. Appearance is particularly important when it comes to the food industry. Customers want to dine in a place they trust to serve them and their family healthy food that is prepared properly. If customers see a poorly dressed and unprofessional staff they are not likely to view the […]

Kitchen Uniform Services in Los Angeles

Kitchen Uniform Service Culinary businesses – do not fret when focusing on kitchen uniforms in Los Angeles, California. When you work with a uniform service like Republic Masterchefs, we assist you in providing you with high-quality uniforms when you need it through an excellent laundering service. By using custom uniforms for your business, you can […]