What Does Our TRSA Clean Green Certification Mean for Your Food Business?

Republic Master Chefs is a TRSA-certified Clean Green Laundry Facility! But what does that mean for your food business?

TRSA Clean Green Certification

Aside from our long history of delivering topnotch laundry and linen service, Republic Master Chefs is also proud to wear our Clean Green badge from the TRSA.

The Clean Green certification is the highest standard in the commercial laundry industry for best environmentally conscious and sustainable practice. This means that your restaurant linens, uniforms and other textiles are processed to maximize sustainability and reduce negative impact on the environment:

  • We use environmentally-friendly detergent.
  • We use high-capacity washing, drying and wrinkle-removal equipment to process as many items as efficiently as possible.
  • We use energy-efficient lighting.
  • We have lower water usage than our non-Clean Green certified competitors.
  • We have an effective recycling system.
  • Wastewater from our plants is treated to reduce impurities.
  • We reuse water efficiently.
  • We design our deliveries and routes to minimize fuel use.
  • We routinely conduct preventive maintenance on our equipment and vehicles to ensure that we operate for maximum efficiency.

Our certification badge is not earned on a one-time basis. The TRSA regularly conducts the most rigorous inspections to ensure that we maintain best management practices in our operations.

The Benefits of Working with a Clean Green Certified Laundry Company

When you get your restaurant linen service from Republic Master Chefs, you get more than just clean linens.

  • You get linens that have left a minimal carbon footprint and helped advance sustainability efforts. So, you’re also reducing your restaurant’s own environmental impact.
  • TRSA-certified service providers are known for efficiency and excellence in the trade. We would not have earned our certification if we did not practice rigorous, meticulous processes that adhere to the TRSA’s very high standards on best management practices.
  • You can expect a fast turnaround of your linens. Clean Green plants, like ours at Republic Master Chefs, work to minimize their operations’ impact on the environment. In the process, operations are made shorter and quicker with high-volume capacity equipment and time-efficient methods shorten the amount of time it takes to complete the cleaning process.
  • You can know for sure that your linens are truly, hygienically clean. We never compromise quality and cleanliness. That’s why our efforts at conservation and sustainability go side-by-side with our efforts at topnotch cleanliness for your food business linens. Our Clean Green and Hygienically Clean badges from the TRSA are a testament to our adherence to the highest standards set on food business laundry and linen services.

What are you waiting for? Transform your linen use and be part of the sustainability movement! Sign up for our services or chat with our customer service experts to learn more about how we can make a difference for your business! Call us at 800-640-2433 today.