restaurant uniforms

Why Restaurant Staff Should Have Uniforms

Whether you run a laid-back cafe or a fine dining restaurant, uniforms are an absolute necessity for your restaurant business. Here are just a few reasons why all food service businesses should provide restaurant uniforms for their staff.

1. Consistency.

Every employee is unique and, as expected, has different tastes and ideas about what constitutes acceptable work wear. By allowing employees to wear their come-as-they-are garments, you may have one employee who wears sufficiently formal, button-down shirts and slacks working alongside an employee who thinks khaki cargo pants with 200 pockets are good enough to wear while serving a four-course meal. Implementing a uniform policy ensures that your employees will wear clothes consistent with the image you are putting out for your brand. And in any business, consistency is key to customer confidence.

2. Professional image.

As mentioned earlier, your uniforms are part of the overall image you are selling as your brand. There is only so much in an average employee’s wardrobe that will correlate with your brand’s image every day of the week. Restaurant uniforms ensure that you have control over your brand’s image every single time a customer enters your doors.

3. Cleanliness.

Restaurant uniforms that are properly maintained appear cleaner than a random assortment of personal clothing. The singular look gives an appearance of coordination and is also easier on the eyes.

4. Customer confidence and satisfaction.

Easy identification of your employees factors greatly into the confidence your customers have not only in your employees but most importantly in your brand.

5. Employee mindset.

Clothing does not really define a person but it does wonders for a person’s mindset. Wearing uniforms puts your employees into the right mindset at work by allowing them to identify with your brand. This will improve employee performance because they know they are representing everything the brand stands for.

Employee uniform aesthetics do change over time, but their purpose transcends all fashion and trend. After all, looking professional never goes out of style.

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