napkin folding

Spruce Up Your Dinner Table with Impressive Napkin Folding

In this day and age of casual dining and single-use plastics, the art of napkin folding seems out of place and obsolete. Who needs to learn how to fold napkins when you’re using flimsy, throwaway paper napkins anyway?

But no amount of paper napkins – even the most expensive of them – could replicate the classy feel and look of real linen napkins. Like carefully-skirted chairs or the deliberate folding of drapes, folded napkins bring a certain appeal and personality to table setting – and here are some reasons why you should try it out at your restaurant:

1. Linen napkins send the right message.

Linen napkins, on their own, are already associated with formal dining and impeccable service. For the restaurant owner, the properly folded napkin sends the right message to the diner: that your restaurant provides full service and is meticulous with even the small details of your services.

2. Folded napkins give personality to your dining table.

Different napkin designs bring different personalities to your table. You can go very formal, classic, casual, or even playful without giving up the classiness of your table setting.

3. Napkin folding allows you to change up your dining room aesthetics cheaply.

It doesn’t cost you anything to fold your napkins or to change your folding style regularly. With a little research and careful practice, you can accentuate your tables on a weekly basis without spending a single dime, as opposed to other table decorations like flower arrangements that can only work for you for a couple of days. The design possibilities are infinite with napkin folding – you can start with our guide on how to fold napkins!

With minimal effort and no expense, your linen napkins can help bring your table setting game to a new level! But not all linen napkins are made equal. Low-quality and poorly-maintained napkins cannot achieve the impression you are going for even with the most elaborate folding technique.

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