How to Change Your Restaurant Ambiance Using Aprons

Do you really need aprons in your restaurants?

If you’ve asked this at some point, you are not alone. Many restaurant owners have been contemplating the necessity of aprons for their servers and kitchen staff. After all, this is the age of bare brick walls, deconstructed desserts, and casual pop-up restaurants. Don’t aprons seem a little out of place and antiquated, more at home in the ancient kitchens of our grandmas?

Believe it or not, the answer is NO. We’re here to help you discover how to change your restaurant ambiance using these seemingly-outdated food service garments.

Aside from their practical uses, aprons have surprising benefits for your restaurant’s image!

Here’s how to change your restaurant ambiance with quality aprons:

1. Aprons are a prime space for your logo.

Every business owner knows the importance of maximizing every opportunity to display the company’s brand. Carefully placed logos on aprons are a clever and subtle promotion of your business image.

2. Aprons enhance the overall look of your employee uniforms.

This is especially true for server uniforms. With a carefully selected style and color of apron, you’ll take your employee’s style to the next level. Say goodbye to the bland shirt-and-trousers combination – just add aprons! Aprons tie your employee’s looks together. In fact, a custom-made apron may be all that you need to create an employee look that’s cohesive with your restaurant’s theme!

3. Aprons make your restaurant look cleaner.

Aesthetics aside, aprons’ foremost function is to provide protection against spills and stains – an indicator of attention to detail and hygiene. Your customers will appreciate the fact that your restaurant prioritizes hygiene.

4. Aprons are always classy.

The best restaurants in the world have kept their aprons because they know that these garments are more than just protection for employee clothing. Aprons are the quintessential indicator of an establishment’s sophistication and style.

The right restaurant linen supplier has an array of aprons that will match your restaurant’s aesthetic. Call up Republic Master Chefs today to find out more about your range of options and to pick the best aprons for your business! Contact us at 800-640-2433.