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6 Areas of Your Restaurant That Need Restaurant Floor Mats

When you think about necessary supplies for a restaurant, floor mats probably don’t come to mind. But restaurant floor mats are essential in running a clean, safe and sustainable food service business.

Floor mats can protect your restaurant from costly accidents, reduce fatigue in your workers and keep dirt and dust out of your facility. So, without further ado, here are the 6 areas of your facility where you need restaurant floor mats:

1. Outside your building

Every single entrance to your restaurant should be equipped with a commercial floor mat, from the main entrance to the back door. Entrance mats are designed to remove dirt, dust and moisture from the bottoms of shoes before they reach your business, minimizing the amount of cleaning necessary to keep your restaurant looking great throughout the day.

2. Your business entrance

You need restaurant floor mats at your main entrances and side doors for the same reasons listed above – they protect your floors by removing water and dirt. A two-fold matting system is the most effective at keeping your floors clean and free of slippery substances. You should also use a logo mat in this area to promote your brand, as well as in other areas throughout your restaurant!

3. Your hostess station

Restaurant workers are always on their feet, which means that they tire out quickly, compromising their efficiency and their positive attitude. You can combat the effects of fatigue with restaurant floor mats in areas where your employees are required to stand for long periods of time, like the hostess stand. Front-of-the-house cushion mats relieve the stress of standing, so that your servers and hosts/hostesses can work longer and better with less pain.

4. Behind the bar

The bar is another area of your restaurant where employees are required to stand for almost their entire shift. If your restaurant has a bar, equip your bartenders with cushion mats to provide a better working experience.

5. Your kitchen

Food service is a messy business, so your kitchen needs mats more than any other area of your restaurant. Your cooks and chefs are likely spilling oil, water and other substances on your kitchen floors on a regular basis, increasing hazards in an already-hazardous environment. So, you need to invest in kitchen mats with holes for water drainage. These mats prevent slippery substances from resting on top of the floor surface, minimizing the risk of a slip-and-fall accident.

6. Your restrooms

Like the kitchen, your restroom is an area of your restaurant that is prone to excess amounts of moisture, which not only is a danger to your guests and employees but also can cause mold and mildew to grow. Restroom mats can help keep your space dry and safe, as well as make maintenance much easier.

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