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Why Your Restaurant Needs a Mop Service

Restaurants have all the ingredients for mess and chaos. Between the jumble and noise of the kitchen, the speed and split-attention of the wait staff, and diners coming in and out frequently, there is never a dull moment. 

7 Types of Uniforms You Need for Your Restaurant

A restaurant is a complex business to run, and it requires a lot of different people in a lot of different roles to reach success. All of those different people need uniforms that look great and allow them to do the best that they can at their job. 

How to Save Water in Your Restaurant

 Cut costs and make your business greener with these easy and efficient tips on how to save water in your restaurant! The idea of cutting a restaurant’s water consumption sounds daunting, and maybe even impossible. 

How Unpleasant Bathrooms Can Severely Hurt Your Business

  As a busy restaurant manager or owner,  you want to serve high-quality food and focus on creating a satisfying customer dining experience. And, as much as those things are extremely important to the success of your business, there is something else that is also essential: clean bathrooms. That’s right, bathrooms. Studies show that 56% […]

The 8 Restroom Products that Every Restaurant Needs

Food and toilets are not exactly the best things to put in the same sentence – but in the commercial food service industry, the quality of food you serve can easily be eclipsed by how well or how poorly your business restrooms are maintained. In fact, the condition of your restrooms can make or break […]

How to Prepare for a Restaurant Inspection

To the dining public, restaurant inspectors are the first and likely best defense against food-borne tragedies (e.g. food poisoning, food-borne illness, etc). To us in the restaurant industry, their visit is not exactly the most pleasant of occasions. With little by way of predicting when a health inspection will occur, is there a way we […]

Republic Renews Clean Green Certification

Plenty of commercial laundries will say that they are trying their best to save water, energy, and reusable materials while providing necessary services to customers. We, on the other hand, go one step further to show our customers that we really do care. Republic Master Chefs has just been re-certified Clean Green by the Textile […]