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Healthy Menu Ideas for the New Year

The new year is a time of improvement for most people, and your restaurant’s menu should have healthy options to help. Healthy menu ideas are a sure way to get business through the door in the new year! 

Here are some ideas to try out: 

Plant-Based Recipes

With the demand for meat-free options growing by 987% in 2017, every restaurant should find a way to fulfill it. Even United Airlines is modifying its in-flight menu to cater to its growing base of vegan customers. There’s little to lose by adding some plant-based dishes to your restaurant menu. 

Here are some tasty and animal-free ideas to incorporate into your customer’s options: 

Potato Curry

Combine the heartiness of the potato and the intrigue of curry for an explosive taste sensation. With cubed potatoes, garbanzo beans, and peas in the mix, even the most impressive appetites will meet their match here. 

Winter Squash and Lentil Stew

Call upon the flavors and textures of the season with this tasty and filling stew. Squash, spinach, and lentils aren’t the main ingredients you’d expect in a stew, which makes this one a delicious surprise. Show your customers that you don’t always need animal products to make a stew warming and satisfying. 

Mushroom Stew

Since we’re talking about stews, mushrooms are another meat-like and robust ingredient to base a stew around. Take this classic American, bone-sticking, flavor-rich delicacy and carve out a fan base. 

Warming the body and souls of guests is a major accomplishment. Doing so with all plant-based ingredients is extraordinary. Give your guests a heart-warming-and-healthy experience through this mushroom stew. 

Carrot and Rosemary Soup

For an eye-catching, bold, yet simple dish that calls back to another time, this recipe is perfect. Carrots find most of their use in the kitchen as inoffensive decoration for the plate. On salads, they add a burst of color and a twinge of sweetness. On the plate, they garnish a small corner, or intermingle with peas or spinach. Rarely are they the centerpiece. 

For this creative, delicious, and highly justified side-made-main dish, all you need are some basic ingredients, equipment, and boldness. 

Clean Meats

Some people will say that a meal isn’t a meal without some kind of meat product on the plate. For customers who want to exercise their canine teeth and eat healthy, here are some options: 

Lemon-Baked Cod

Low in fat and protein-packed, a flaky fish like cod is always a good choice for taste and fulfillment. Baked along side lemons and cherry tomatoes, this dish is sure to satisfy any taste and stomach. 

Chicken and Vegetable Kebabs

Find somebody who doesn’t like kebabs, and you’ll have found somebody who’s never had them done right. Kebabs are a crowd pleaser. By using chicken and vegetables instead of traditional meats, you’ll turn this guilty pleasure into a solid choice! 

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