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How to Keep Your Restaurant Clean


With contagious pathogens making all the headlines these days, keeping your restaurant clean at every angle is necessary. From the tabletops to the uniforms your employees wear every day, everything that your customers make contact with should be hygienic. Not just for their sake, but for the sake of your restaurant’s employees and the business’s success overall. 

Republic Master Chefs has some ideas of what you can do to ensure safe and hygienic experiences in your restaurant:

Utilize Tablecloths Regularly

Tablecloths have come out of style for a few reasons. They require constant washing and maintenance, go against the minimalist ambiance that’s become popular, and are another thing to worry about. Unfortunately for those who have left tablecloths in the past, they’re missing out on some serious benefits. Tablecloths have many antimicrobial properties.

Tablecloths Prevent Transmission

It’s commonly thought that bare tables are easier to clean than tablecloths and, as a result, are free of contaminants. This would be true if strong cleaning agents were used and left to sit for the CDC’s recommended 5-15 minutes, but that just doesn’t happen in a busy restaurant. What you have instead is a smooth surface that easily transfers bacteria and viruses.

Using regularly cleaned tablecloths is not only better for the look of your restaurant, but also for the health of your visitors. Absorbent fabrics, like the ones that make up Republic Master Chefs’ quality tablecloths, are less likely to transfer pathogens on contact. And, when the tablecloths are taken and cleaned, those pathogens go with them. When the tablecloths are returned, they’re as clean and free of microbes as the day they were made.

Source High-Quality Facility Services

Having high-quality materials available for your restaurant doesn’t stop in the dining room. The bathroom is a breeding ground for harmful microbes. Between the presence of water and bacterial hazards, the bathroom needs to be fully stocked. Thankfully, having powerful soaps, sanitizers, and bathroom mats in place do a lot of the fighting against pathogens.

Control Dust and Dirt with the Right Matting

Dirt and dust not only look bad in your restaurant, but they also carry all forms of bacteria and viruses. Having the right mats in place can do a great deal of legwork in keeping dust and dirt out.

Dirt contains not only pathogens, but allergens and other irritants that can harm your employees’ health and productivity. Mats keep pathogen-laden dirt from entering the air and disturbing employees and customers. Republic Master Chefs has effective mats available, and the proper procedures to care for them properly.

Professional Service to Ensure Cleanliness Every Day

If the materials you’re getting from your current provider aren’t cleaned with proper procedures or the best technology, they might not be completely hygienic. That’s why Republic Master Chefs is the premier partner to have. We know what it takes to properly serve the food service industry. We also know the importance of hygienic materials in every part of your business, and  we do everything we can to ensure our materials give you just that.

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