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Valentine’s Day Restaurant Decor and Employee Uniform Ideas

Restaurant customers love visiting an establishment that is decorated in cheerful holiday décor. This is why decorating your restaurant for an upcoming holiday is a smart thing to do. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, equipping your employees and restaurant with quality Valentine’s Day décor is a great idea! You can even have special […]

TRSA Certified Laundry Service

When it comes to linen and uniform services, laundry is a very important aspect of the service provided to the customer. Customers expect their linens and uniforms to be laundered effectively, meaning that they look crisp and clean and are rid of any contaminants that could be spread to others. The TRSA is an organization […]

How to shop for restaurant employee uniforms

A uniform is a portrayal of a company’s professionalism and dedication towards the business and the customers. Without quality uniforms, a company may lack the appearance of being proficient in the business, and this will decrease quality of a business. Deciding on restaurant uniforms for an employee may seem like a difficult task, however we at […]

It’s Summer in Southern California!

Summer in Southern California is a great place to be. We love our area for its warm weather and the long summer hours make it even more exciting to spend all day outdoors. Here are some fun activities to take part in during the summer times: Concert – Listen to an artist you love at […]

Summer Time Activities in California!

Fun Summer Time Activities Southern California is a great place to spend summer, boasting countless summer time activities. We love our area for its warm weather and the long summer hours make it even more exciting to spend all day outdoors. Here are some fun summer time activities to take part in: Concert – Listen […]

Memorial Day Dining

Happy Memorial Day from your friends at Republic Masterchefs! Memorial Day is a great time to eat out with family and friends, and happy customers will swarm to high-quality restaurants to enjoy a fun dinner out. Here are some ways to reward your guests and to honor members of the armed forces: Free meal or […]

Creating a Positive Working Environment in your Restaurant

Owners worldwide know that the secret to employee productivity and business success is when employees care highly about the business. A positive feeling towards an employee’s job and workplace will increase efficiency and give employees a sense of purpose. They will strive towards high success, go above-and-beyond with their work, and help create a happier, trusting environment with […]

How To Select Casino Uniforms For Women

Uniforms are known to provide a sleek professionalism for any business. Casinos are especially required to maintain quality uniforms which project the employees’ and company’s competence and sophistication. However, the typical male casino attire may not be as flattering for a woman than their male counterpart. There are women who would prefer a black dress and flats […]

Restaurant Bathroom Design Ideas

  Of course the main appeal in a restaurant is the dining area and kitchen. The spotlight shines on these two regions as they are the centers with the most traffic and therefore must be decorated in high quality. However, another part of a restaurant which is often overlooked is the bathroom. Restrooms are key […]

Choosing The Best Bath Towels For Your Business

When it comes to towels, hotels require a great amount of different types. In the rooms, it is common to have large bath towels, small hand towels, and extra rags for ice buckets and to use for cooking. If the hotel has a restaurant or café, then the list continues towards kitchen and dining towels as well. The […]