Summer Time Activities in California!

Fun Summer Time Activities

Southern California is a great place to spend summer, boasting countless summer time activities. We love our area for its warm weather and the long summer hours make it even more exciting to spend all day outdoors. Here are some fun summer time activities to take part in:

  • Concert – Listen to an artist you love at a variety of Southern California venues
  • Beach – The beaches are fun to go whale watching, ferry rides, and cruises.
  • Wine tasting – California has many vineyards for vino tasting.
  • Shopping – Who doesn’t love shopping? Southern California has many shopping centers to enjoy a day of spending.
  • Camping – Take a camping trip to one of the camping sites in the area, a guaranteed relaxing experience.
  • Festival – Festivals are day-long events with music, activities, and food!
  • Sports game – Have fun at a football, baseball, soccer, or basketball game with friends and family in one of the sports venues in the Southern California region.
  • 4th of July Fireworks Shows – Have a picnic outside and enjoy America’s independence by watching one of Southern California’s popular 4th of July firework shows.
  • Eat at a quality Southern California restaurant

The beach is one of the many summer time activities while in Southern California


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