Towels Next To Bath Tub

Choosing The Best Bath Towels For Your Business

When it comes to towels, hotels require a great amount of different types. In the rooms, it is common to have large bath towels, small hand towels, and extra rags for ice buckets and to use for cooking. If the hotel has a restaurant or café, then the list continues towards kitchen and dining towels as well. The challenge gets even more difficult as the types of towels branch out into brand, color, and material quality as well. With a vast variety of towels the hotels must decide on, it can be difficult choosing the type of towel for you. Therefore, we have devised a list of how to decide on the best bath towels for your business:

  • Fabric – A thick, heavy fabric is favorable for bath towels as they provide more absorption than thin, light fabric. High quality Egyptian cotton is more favorable for a 5-star resort as these are the soft, upscale, and elegant towels which absorb a large amount of liquid.
  • Design – Many hotels choose a custom logo on their towels for a more professional appearance. The benefits of this are to make your brand more aware and recognizable. Along with this, many businesses have been deviating away from the traditional white color towels and choosing various other colors.
  • Cost – One key factor of choosing the best towels for your business is cost and affordability of these products. Although upscale towels are preferred, if the business does not have the budget for these items, it is important to plan the business’s spending on towels with affordable products.

Deciding on towels can be a stressful task, however our textile service takes the difficulty out of this nerve-wrecking process. Call us now at 800-640-2433 and we will be able to assist you in deciding your dream towels today.