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7 Types of Uniforms You Need for Your Restaurant

A restaurant is a complex business to run, and it requires a lot of different people in a lot of different roles to reach success. All of those different people need uniforms that look great and allow them to do the best that they can at their job. 

So, here’s a guide to the different types of roles in each restaurant, and the types of uniforms that they need to look good and remain functional:

1. Executive Chef/Kitchen Managers

The executive chef or kitchen manager is often responsible for tasks like creating specials, ordering food, managing schedules, and often hiring and terminating kitchen staff. Your executive chef/kitchen manager’s uniform should provide the same range of motion and functionality as your cook and chef uniforms, but with something a little extra to signify the importance of this role. A classic chef coat, pant and cap ensemble is a great look for an executive chef/kitchen manager. 

2. Restaurant Managers

Restaurant managers take care of a large number of the day-to-day responsibilities of running a food service business. These employees also maintain the restaurant’s revenue and quality goals, ensure efficient operations, and more. Since restaurant managers have little to do with actual food prep and cooking, a business formal or business casual look is most appropriate for this job.

3. Cooks/Chefs

Cooks and chefs are a crucial part of any restaurant team, and have a lot of needs when it comes to their uniforms. From dealing with dangerous hot objects to fending off spills and splashes, chef and cooks require a lot of protection. Typical uniforms may include chef pants, chef coats, cook shirts, or even bib aprons. 

4. Servers

Servers are the face of your restaurant, so it’s very important that their uniforms look clean and stylish at all times while allowing them to run around bringing food, drinks, straws, extra napkins and more. 

For casual restaurants, bib aprons are a great choice, while server vests and coats are more appropriate for higher-end establishments. No matter what look you’re going for, your server uniforms should be processed by a professional restaurant uniform service to ensure that they’re always in great shape. 

5. Bartenders

Bartenders are often responsible for so much more than serving drinks to customers at the bar. They may also need to make drinks for customers sitting at tables and serve food to customers who decide to eat at the bar.

Aprons, vests and coats may also be appropriate for bartenders, depending on the style of your restaurant. Because they are visible to customers, it’s also important that their uniforms are free of stains and wrinkles. 

6. Hosts

Like with bartenders and servers, it’s very important that your hosts look good and that their uniforms are in top-notch shape. After all, your hosts are the very first face that customers will see when entering your restaurant, shaping that critical first impression of your establishment. Aprons and vests are good choices for host uniforms. 

7.Dishwashing/Maintenance Workers

Dishwashing and maintenance workers need uniforms that can get through the day. They spend the day dealing with large amounts of water or restaurant machinery/equipment, so they need uniforms that are durable and offer protection. Coveralls are a good choice for workers in this role. 

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