How to Save Water in Your Restaurant

How to Save Water in Your Restaurant

 Cut costs and make your business greener with these easy and efficient tips on how to save water in your restaurant!

The idea of cutting a restaurant’s water consumption sounds daunting, and maybe even impossible. 

Water is essential in every aspect of operations, after all. What many business owners and restaurant operators are missing out on is that it doesn’t take much to waste water. We commit so many small, seemingly insignificant things that are a wasteful way to use water. These many small things, however, also present us with opportunities to save. Trust us – these tips are not only effective, they are doable!

1. Fix leaks.

A household wastes 10,000 gallons of water per year from leaky faucets, according to the EPA. And that’s just from households alone! Leaky faucets not only add unnecessary costs to your water bill; worse, they are a huge waste of water which could have gone to better use in your operations.

2. Educate your organization.

The easiest way you can save water is to get everyone in your company involved in your efforts through education. Educate your staff about everything from water-saving measures to detecting leaks as well as ways to recycle water. You can also enroll your business in water-saving advocacies like EPA’s WaterSense to make a bigger, more systematic impact on water conservation.

3. Wash mindfully.

Dishwashing accounts for two-thirds of restaurants’ water consumption and a large part of this can be significantly reduced by proper, mindful washing. For instance, thoroughly removing food and other debris on plates and other dishes can reduce the need to use more water in the pre-rinse. 

4. Invest in water-efficient fixtures.

When you’re ready to make longer, more permanent investments into your water conservation efforts, you can always start with replacing your restaurants’ water fixtures with more efficient ones. This includes motion-sensor water faucets, newer models of toilets, replacing garden hoses with water brooms, etc. You can also swap out your older dishwashers with energy- and water-efficient steamer ones that use less water per wash cycle.

5. Get your linens done an eco-friendly laundry service provider that works on reduced water consumption for managing and maintaining your linens.

Your linens, towels, and uniforms need a good wash every so often – and regular laundry procedures are not exactly model material for water efficiency. However, water-saving laundry practices are not quite as achievable for domestic laundry machines. To get better and greener results with your restaurant linen maintenance needs, your best option is to work with an eco-friendly laundry service provider with systematized water-saving, energy-efficient practices. Working with these companies means that your linens are maintained in facilities that reuse water, use environmentally-friendly detergents to prevent toxic contamination of the waterways, and removing solids from wastewater.

Working Towards Water Conservation

Water conservation is not simply a matter of saving money for your restaurant. This conscious effort should be undertaken by restaurants for the simple reason that we are equally accountable for the use of the earth’s resources.

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