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5 Ways to Keep Employees Safe in Your Restaurant

Ask any professional in the food service industry and they’ll tell you that it’s easily one of the most exciting businesses to work in. They’ll also tell you that it’s one of the most dangerous. 

With fast-moving staff, tight kitchen space, fire, grease, sharp knives, and hot food, risks for the most common injuries in restaurants come aplenty. It’s vital to make sure your restaurant has the necessary protections in place to keep your employees safe.

Knowing where and what the hazards are is the first and most important step in keeping your restaurant employees safe. Fire and burning hazards from stoves and ovens, slip and fall accidents from greasy and wet floors, and food poisoning hazards are some of the most common safety concerns. 

Here are some tips on how to keep your restaurant’s workforce safe against the hazards of the workplace:

1. Education and Awareness

If knowledge is power, then the uneducated will be powerless, unsafe, and the most likely to panic in emergency situations. Make sure every member of your team is knowledgeable about things beyond their basic tasks. This should include protocols on safety, responses in case of accidents, and evacuation routes. It’s also important to have a regular training and retraining schedule to keep everyone’s knowledge and skills up to date.

2. Organization

A disorganized kitchen is not just confusing to work in, but it’s also difficult to clean. Keep a strict and organized system for different areas of your restaurant. Not only will it make for smoother work, but you won’t have to worry about falling knives when grabbing pans, or getting ingredients mixed up with cleaning agents. A clutter-free business will also make evacuations less chaotic in the case of an emergency situation.

3.   Proper Clothing 

Today’s restaurant uniforms serve as much form as they do function. That’s why it’s important to invest in proper uniforms. Not only do proper uniforms give your employees a more professional appearance, but restaurant clothing is designed for ease in movement and protection against the common hazards of the job.

4.   Emergency Response System 

Your best guarantee for safety is to have foresight and a response protocol in place in the event of an accident. This includes a designated first aid response group within your team, first response kits, and evacuation plans.

5.   Floor Safety 

Floor safety is one of OSHA’s key areas of concern in restaurant safety. This is not surprising, considering that slip and fall accidents are the second-most common cause of injuries that impact restaurant workers. Aside from addressing and complying with the regulations set by OSHA, your choice of floor mats and floor-cleaning tools like mops play a huge role in your floor’s safety.

Republic Master Chefs is the Best Choice of Investment in Your Employees’ Safety

Your employees are your business’s most important asset. Invest in them and their safety by following the tips we’ve listed above. A good first step is to call Republic Master Chefs. We offer the uniforms, linens, facility services, and floor care options you need to keep your employees safe. 
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