Tips to Keep Your Restaurant Clean

Tips to Keep Your Restaurant Clean

Looking for how to keep a restaurant clean? Republic Master Chefs knows the restaurant cleanliness tips used by the pros, and we have them here!

Nobody likes to eat in a dirty, smelly restaurant! Cleanliness is perhaps the only thing that is as important as serving good food in a restaurant. Diners can forgive a lot of things – slow service, loud noise, unfriendly personnel. They can even forgive mediocre food enough to give restaurants a second chance. The slightest sign of neglect on hygiene, however, is never forgivable. 

But running a restaurant is a full-time job. Between making great food and running a marketing strategy in a very competitive industry, how do you keep a consistently clean restaurant? More importantly, how do you do that with a limited work team and budget?

Here are some important tips to remember to get the truly clean restaurant your diners deserve:   

1. Keep to a daily, weekly, and seasonal cleaning schedule and stick to it!  

Consistency is what we are going for and it cannot come from half-baked commitment. One of the easiest ways to get a working cleaning schedule is to divide the tasks into daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly schedules. 

Next, identify which areas belong to those categories. Obviously, the tables, floors, restrooms, and all surfaces need to be cleaned daily. In fact, some may need cleaning multiple times a day. Refrigerators, ovens, and microwaves should be cleaned weekly. Reserve the monthly and quarterly schedules for larger items and items that you’d need a professional for – rugs, mats, HVAC’s. etc.

2. Build a CLAYGO culture. 

CLAYGO or CLean As Your GO is the practice of fixing up a certain space/surface on the spot. This is especially ideal in the kitchen. Don’t let anything sit to wait. Throw away peels, wrappers, skins, and cans immediately after use before jumping onto the next task. Make a habit out of wiping surfaces immediately as well.

3. Invest in organization. 

A well-organized kitchen is a clean kitchen. Things are easier to find and easier to clean. This makes it easier to see what’s wrong. This is especially important in the pantry. Invest in proper, restaurant-grade organizers, label appropriately, and return stuff where they belong.

4. Address issues promptly. 

Don’t let any issue wait, no matter how tiny. The first sign of pests, an anomaly in the drainage, or even the slightest leak in your faucet should not wait. Before your slow-draining sink starts to smell or one little skewed tile in the restroom becomes a tripping hazard, face the problem early on.

5. Outsource your linen and uniform needs. 

Your linen and uniform maintenance should not fall onto your workers anymore. Not only is that an added burden they don’t need, but you are also risking a subpar result. Hire a reliable restaurant linen and uniform expert for your business. You get the assurance of cleaner garments and textiles, plus you are not adding tension to your small workforce.

6. Put a premium on the condition of your restrooms. 

Restrooms rank among the top non-food complaints customers have on restaurants. Make sure to put restrooms on your list of cleaning priorities. Aside from cleaning multiple times a day, it is important to use the right tools. Make sure the receptacles and dispensers are never empty – paper towels, toilet papers, soaps, etc. Invest in a good odor control system. Also, don’t forget to invest in proper restroom mats.

7. Keep your floors clean. 

Floors are the first things customers see, so make sure they’re clean. Keep a busy and consistent floor cleaning schedule for your restaurant. Use a high-quality wet mop and dry mop to get to the nitty-gritty. Use mild-smelling floor cleaners. Most importantly, stop dirt in their tracks with the right floor mats.

Republic Master Chefs Helps Keep Your Restaurant Clean

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