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How Unpleasant Bathrooms Can Severely Hurt Your Business


As a busy restaurant manager or owner,  you want to serve high-quality food and focus on creating a satisfying customer dining experience. And, as much as those things are extremely important to the success of your business, there is something else that is also essential: clean bathrooms.

That’s right, bathrooms.

Studies show that 56% of Americans would not return to a business where they encountered an unpleasant bathroom. That’s just too much business to risk losing!

Here at Republic Master Chefs, we’ve been in the restaurant and hospitality business since 1932. Through decades of experience, we’ve seen it all. We know how important it is for you to ensure complete customer satisfaction in all aspects of your business.

Here are some ways unpleasant bathrooms can hurt your business, and how you can avoid these issues today:

Unpleasant Bathrooms Lead to Unpleasant Assumptions

Most of us have probably encountered an unpleasant bathroom before or, at minimum, a bathroom that was low on supplies, smelly, or generally uncomfortable. While we know a messy stall here or there can happen, they may still leave a sour taste in our mouths.

According to a study done by Bradley Corp, unpleasant bathrooms raised doubts about other aspects of a business in 48% of participants. So, if your restaurant bathrooms are dirty, your customers might make negative assumptions about the state of your kitchen or other areas of your restaurant.

These negative assumptions, even if they aren’t true, can lead to poor customer retention. You don’t want to lose customers over something as preventable as a dirty bathroom.

Dirty Bathrooms Are Full of Germs

Research shows that people bring a lot of germs into the bathroom with them. After just an hour of use, a public restroom can house 500,000 bacterial cells per inch! If the bathroom isn’t being cleaned regularly throughout the day, this number adds up – fast!

As employees and customers rotate throughout your bathrooms, they not only leave germs behind, but can pick up new germs and spread them throughout your restaurant. You don’t want anyone getting sick and attributing it to your business.

So What Can You Do?

Unpleasant bathrooms aren’t good for business. People make assumptions, germs can get left behind and then brought back into your restaurant, and, generally, customers won’t come back if they have a dirty restroom experience.

While every business strives for clean and pleasant bathrooms, it’s hard to maintain them and keep track of supplies all the time. It’s easy to overlook the restrooms, especially during busy hours. The solution, however, is easier than you might think.

Republic Master Chefs is the Answer!

Working with a textile rental company like Republic Master Chefs that also provides high-quality facility products and services is an easy, time- and money-saving way to keep your bathrooms clean and well-stocked at all times.

Republic Master Chefs provides a wide variety of floor mats that help collect water and prevent slip-and-fall accidents. Additionally, we provide restroom products such as restroom dispensers, disposables, and cleaning supplies.

We pick up and deliver your supplies for you, on a schedule that works best for your business. Our products are sustainable, high-quality, and durable, ready to handle the toughest of jobs.

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