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The 8 Restroom Products that Every Restaurant Needs

Food and toilets are not exactly the best things to put in the same sentence – but in the commercial food service industry, the quality of food you serve can easily be eclipsed by how well or how poorly your business restrooms are maintained. In fact, the condition of your restrooms can make or break your business!

A survey has found that more than 80% of restaurant-goers are turned off, and completely avoid, restaurants with dirty restrooms.

And this is easily understandable: no one wants to be reminded of everyone’s dirty business when you’re in a business where hygiene is as important as the quality of food served. Dirty restrooms send a message to your diners that your business does not care enough about your image or your customers’ welfare.

But restaurant restroom maintenance is not just about clean walls and sparkling floors. Well-maintained restrooms are also ones that are stocked with all the essentials – the little details that, when properly and mindfully attended to, will always reflect well on your brand.

The Restroom Products that Every Restaurant Needs

What are these restroom essentials we speak of, you ask? We’ve listed them down for you below.

1. Toilet Tissue

Most people have, at some point, found themselves in the sticky and often embarrassing position of being stuck in the restroom without any toilet paper. It’s an absolute turn-off that will hurt your customer retention rates. Make sure you have a steady and consistent toilet paper supply at all times.

2. Paper Towels

Several studies have found that paper towels are the more effective option when it comes to drying your hands, compared to air dryers. To start with, paper towels dry hands more quickly and more effectively; not to mention, paper towels don’t spread bacteria into the air like hand dryers do. In an environment where hygiene is at the top of your priorities, the last thing you want is bacteria-filled air blowing onto your customers and putting them at risk for contagious diseases!

3. Air Fresheners

The sense of smell is a powerful tool, capable of triggering brain functions that bring up memories and past emotions. The last thing you want for your customers to remember about your restaurant are the horrid restroom odors! Avoid this scenario through consistent cleaning routines and with a steady supply of air fresheners to keep your restrooms smelling clean and fresh at all times.

4. Urinal Mats

There are few things more revolting than the dirty, yellowed urinal surface. They are just a reminder of all the nasty things that everyone hates about public restrooms. Avoid this scenario by equipping your urinals with urinal mats. Good-quality urinal mats not only help deodorize your urinals, but they also help contain urine and prevent splashing, keeping the sides safe against permanent stains.  

5. Hand Soaps

It’s been said over and over again: handwashing remains one of the most effective ways to combat the spread of common viruses, including the flu and diarrhea. Handwashing becomes doubly important in a public eating space like your restaurant. Encourage effective hand hygiene by making sure your sinks never run out of soap.  

6. Hand Sanitizers

Reinforce the power of proper hand hygiene by providing hand sanitizers for your restrooms.

7. Restroom Floor Mats

Nobody likes dirty, wet and sloppy restroom floors. Not only are they a risk for slip-and-fall accidents, but the dank, cold, and dark surface makes them a hotbed for the growth of mold, grime, mildew, and certain bacteria that thrive in such an environment. Keep your floors clean, dry and safe using high-quality floor mats designed for restroom use.

8. Appropriate Dispensers

Toilet paper roll sitting atop the toilet bowl tank? Generic bars of soap sitting on soap dish? These don’t scream professional and commercial. They show poor planning and lack of attention to essential details! Invest in high-quality, sleek-looking dispensers for your restroom essentials to instantly elevate the look of your business’ restrooms.  


Does it sound like too much work? It can be, between running a full-service restaurant, managing employees, managing your restaurant linens and keeping customers happy at all times, keeping your restroom at its best condition at all times can be an additional burden.

But it shouldn’t have to be! There are facility maintenance service providers like Republic Master Chefs that take care of your restroom essentials for you. We have a range of restroom products to choose from, offered in the same excellent quality that all of our products and services come in.

With Republic Master Chefs’ complete facility maintenance service, you’ll never have to worry about running out of your restroom supplies.

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