restaurant linen service in 2022

Restaurant Linen Service in 2022: Why Now’s the Time

2020 and 2021  have been rough for restaurants. Anything and everything that could go wrong did. The industry has been afflicted with virus outbreaks, supply chain disruptions, and shortages of all types. For those that weathered the storm and made it this far, or are starting their journey during these strange times, there is an easy, affordable solution to some of these problems. Here is why you need restaurant linen service in 2022 from Republic Master Chefs.

What Republic Master Chefs Can Do for You with Restaurant Linen Service in 2022 and Beyond

With the new year comes fresh opportunities to thrive in this new normal. Republic Master Chefs is an industry veteran with 90 years of experience that you need as a partner in 2022 and beyond. We help our clients:

Save Money

Adding a recurring service to your budget might not sound like a good way to save money. However, Republic Master Chefs takes many other expenses off the list. In general, renting our linens is far cheaper than buying them individually from another provider. We launder, maintain, and stock them ourselves. This means you don’t have to worry about covering costs for an on-premise laundry, dedicated repair and maintenance staff, or replacements for missing items.

Maintain Cleanliness

More reliable access to better linens means more cleanliness in your facility. Cleanliness has always been important to restaurants but the benefits it brings can’t be overstated, especially in today’s world. More cleanliness means less regulatory oversight or fines, more repeat customers, and, because of increased word of mouth, more new customers. That’s why you need linens from Republic Master Chefs, laundered and maintained until it’s almost impossible to tell new and reused items apart. 

Withstand Labor Shortages

Thanks to the current labor shortage, it’s an employee’s market right now. Prospective new hires have many different job opportunities to choose from. It can be difficult to stand out against competitors who offer more pay, flexibility, or other benefits that smaller businesses just can’t afford. However, one of the most effective ways to not only attract prospective hires but also retain current employees is to show them genuine care and appreciation. 

Republic Master Chefs can help with this by increasing sanitation in your workplace, which keeps staff safe and proves you care about their health. We also provide them top-notch linens, increasing productivity and their desire to work for a company that gives them what they need to excel at their jobs.

Retain a Steady Supply

Labor shortages aren’t the only threat that restaurants have been facing lately. The ongoing pandemic and its effects on the economy, supply chain issues, and increased government regulation all stem business flow. On top of that, slow seasons and inclement weather have and always will remain a challenge for unprepared restaurants. Republic Master Chefs provides sustainable laundry, maintenance, and supply so that our clients always have what they need no matter the outside circumstances.

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