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Paper Restaurant Napkins vs. Restaurant Cloth Napkins

Paper restaurant napkins have long since been pitted against restaurant cloth napkins and many restaurant managers still find themselves lost in this ageless debate.

We are putting our own thoughts on the matter out there with a side-by-side comparison of the benefits of paper napkins and cloth napkins.

The Benefits of Restaurant Paper Napkins

Leaning more towards the paper option?

Paper napkins are much cheaper. Paper napkins are the perfect option for restaurants looking to save on the upfront costs of purchasing napkins. However, you never stop purchasing them, which adds up to significant costs in the long run.

Restaurant paper napkins require zero maintenance. Compared to restaurant cloth napkins, paper napkins require zero maintenance. On the other hand, paper napkins are very bad for the environment.

The Benefits of Restaurant Cloth Napkins

These are the benefits that restaurant cloth napkins bring to the table:

Cloth napkins are more aesthetically pleasing than paper. Cloth napkins are almost always associated with classier, fancier dining options and so they will always feel more exquisite than paper. On top of that, cloth napkins come with endless color and pattern possibilities not to mention the countless ways to present and fold them creatively which are simply not possible with paper.

Restaurant cloth napkins give you long-term savings. Cloth napkins, though they do require a large upfront investment, offer long-term savings because with the right care and maintenance, they will not require replacement or repair until much, much later.

They are more eco-friendly. Restaurant cloth napkins are reusable and therefore low on waste. And when laundered and maintained sustainably, water usage, carbon footprint, and energy consumption are definitely kept to a minimum.

Diners prefer them over paper. Diners not only are more likely to prefer restaurants that provide cloth napkins over paper napkins; they also are more eager to pay 64% more for a dish when they are served cloth napkins. If that’s not reason enough to ditch the paper for cloth, then we don’t know what is.

Why Rentals are Your Best Option

The biggest turnoff of restaurant cloth napkins, that seems to outweigh most of its benefits, clearly remains the high upfront costs of purchasing them. The good news is – you don’t have to buy and stock up on hundreds of cloth napkins just to get the benefits. Instead, you can rent them!

A good rental service company provides you with a wide range of cloth napkins to suit your restaurant’s needs. And because time is your most precious commodity, the right linen rental company makes sure that you never waste a single minute of your operations worrying over dirty linens – your provider will pickup and deliver on-time every single time.

In a nutshell, the right restaurant linen service company provides you with high-quality products, hassle-free solutions, and excellent results in every aspect of service.

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