towel and apron service in los angeles

Towel and Apron Service in Los Angeles

Restaurants need linens to keep guests comfortable and safe and provide high-quality service. Two of the most important are towels for proper hygiene and aprons to keep staff clean and safe. This means finding the right local provider to ensure every item is up to snuff and good for use in a food service environment. There’s one towel and apron service in Los Angeles that does this and more!

Republic Master Chefs Provides the Best Towel and Apron Service in Los Angeles

Since 1932, Republic Master Chefs has provided top-notch towel and apron service in Los Angeles and large swaths of Southern California. We are a family-owned and operated business that cares for the environments and communities we serve. We’ve even earned the TRSA’s Clean Green accreditation and membership in the Laundry Environmental Stewardship Program for our efforts!


Republic Master Chefs provides a wide variety of towels and aprons that each serve specific purposes. They include:

  • Bar Mop Towel
  • Glass Towel
  • Dish Towel
  • Oshibori Towels and Steam Cabinet
  • Stove Pads


  • Bib Aprons
  • Bistro Aprons
  • Four-Way Aprons
  • Customized Aprons (On Request)

High-Quality Construction

Our towels and aprons use durable materials with long useful lifespans. They will withstand the rigors of the food service environment, regardless of their user. Our towels and aprons accomplish this without compromising comfort or ease of motion.

Reliable Maintenance

Republic Master Chefs helps maintain the long useful lifespans of our products with thorough laundry and maintenance. We use advanced laundry machinery and sophisticated tracking technology to ensure that everything receives the care it deserves. That, mixed with our team of experts, keeps our towels and aprons ready to go when our clients need them.

Inventory Management

On top of cleaning and repairing every item within our ability, we replace what is too far gone. We keep a close eye on our clients’ stock of towels and aprons so that they don’t have to! Thanks to us, our clients can focus on what matters most to them while we take care of the linens. Our maintenance and inventory management practices are so effective that our clients struggle to tell the difference between new and used items.

Local, Reliable Service

Republic Master Chefs is based out of Los Angeles and has serviced the area for 90 years. We are a small, family-owned business, meaning that our clients don’t have to cut through red tape to have their concerns addressed. Working with us means investing in the Los Angeles community since we hire locally, contribute to the local economy, and minimize our ecological footprint.

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Republic Master Chefs is the towel and apron service in Los Angeles that your restaurant needs! Sign up for service today by dialing 1-800-640-2433 and a member of our team will be happy to walk you through your options. Interested in our other products and services or a free quote? Click here!