Top Restaurant Management Apps

Top Restaurant Management Apps

Managing a restaurant is no joke. There are a million things going on, and it is easy for one issue to slip through the cracks. Luckily, there are many apps out there for restaurant owners to download on their smartphones, PCs or tablets to help them stay organized. Here are five of our favorites.


For new business owners, this app is a great way to get started. It will help you plan for your new restaurant by finding locations to projecting revenue and finances. It is available for iPhone and iPad and is FREE.

AccuPOS Restaurant

This POS service is a great way to keep track of revenue and finances. It is also integrated for touch-screen displays for counter and table service. It is a cash register, guest tracker, and communication device all-in-one. They are available for Androids and Windows and start at $795 per location + $58 per month.


This app benefits business owners in keeping track of their merchandise, check employee hours, and financing. It can convert all paperwork into PDF files or spreadsheets. This app is available for iOS, Androids, and Blackberry and has a FREE trial period.

Yelp SeatMe

This app is efficient for restaurants with reservations and waitlists to keep track. It automatically pulls reservations from your website and Yelp site and can send guests automatic notifications on their reservations. It is available for iPhones, iPads, and PC’s and has a $99 per month flat rate.


With this app, patrons can open a tab where they can add items that they have purchased. They can add orders and can even split payments. They will have the comfort all on their own phones. This will lighten the load on servers and bartenders by allowing the guests can pay all on their own phones.

We wish good luck to all the new restaurant owners, and even the current ones who are trying to spruce up their business through technology. Republic Masterchefs is here for you for any of your restaurant linen service needs. If you need a quality service, contact us now at 800-640-2433 today.