Restaurant Linen and Uniform Trends in 2021 and Beyond

restaurant linen uniform trends 2021

Restaurant linen and uniform trends, like the world around us, always change, and 2021 is no different. Whether a change in style or development in garment function, there’s always something new on the horizon. 

Where Are The Industry’s Linen and Garments Headed?

The restaurant linen and uniform industry is still adjusting to a new normal even as the pandemic slowly winds down. There are some elements of the industry that were already very well-suited for this new direction but others have had to adapt. 

Thorough Cleanliness

With the increased need to keep things as clean as possible, there is also an increased need for professional laundering as opposed to home washing. Having hygienically washed linen and uniforms waiting for restaurant staff back at work is the safest solution. A team of professionals who have the equipment and know-how to properly cleanse linen will be much more effective at killing all the bacteria and viruses that could have found their way onto restaurant linen and uniforms. 

Just as restaurants care more about commercial laundry services they will also care more about making sure they get what they pay for. Transparent tracking processes will go a long way towards easing the mind of customers and ensuring a complete laundering process. 

Long-Term Sustainability

Durability has always been an important part of sustainable restaurant linen and uniform service. Customers want the best of the best and will find another service if what they are paying for doesn’t do its job or last the way they need it to. As the need for good commercial laundry services increases, so too does the need for those services to use durable, reusable textiles.


The TRSA, an international organization that represents commercial laundry businesses, has helped to push sustainability initiatives through their Clean Green Certification. This has motivated restaurant linen and uniform services to be more environmentally friendly, lowering operating costs and conserving more resources. It also pushes commercial laundry technologies to improve while reducing water and energy usage. 

Controlled Linen and Uniform Expense

Proper budgeting is something that every successful company prioritizes. In many cases, additional costs will be incurred by businesses as they adapt to new protocols and technologies. In terms of on-premise laundry, this takes form in updating equipment, training employees, textile replacement, and more. These factors must be taken into account when budgeting to prevent losses and make a profit. 

Cleanliness and sustainability practices greatly contribute to both saving on expenses now and keeping things running during tough times. The customer retention achieved from quality hygiene and the lower operating costs from initiatives like the Clean Green Certification are crucial to keeping businesses afloat during future pandemics and economic downturns.

Republic Master Chefs Has Its Finger On the Pulse

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