essential linen for restaurants

Essential Linen for Restaurants

Every restaurant requires certain linen at all times for uninterrupted, reliably clean operations. Tablecloth, napkins, and employee apparel must be spotless and available for shifts without hitches. Here’s a small list of essential linen all restaurants need by the F+B linen service experts at Republic Master Chefs: 

Comprehensive List of Essential Linen for Restaurants

Whether you manage a family diner, a high-end establishment, or a bbq joint, some linen must be had. Here’s a list of linen that all restaurants should have available:

Cloth Napkins

Paper napkins, though cheap and convenient (to a point), come with unexpected costs. The most surprising is the impression that they leave on customers. Paper napkins are informal, cheap, and wasteful, and a restaurant that provides them to customers will be associated with those qualities on some level. Dining out is as much about the experience as it is about the food, and when that experience feels cheap the restaurant loses standing in the customer’s mind. 


Though the trend toward bare tables has advantages on the surface, deeper considerations of bare-table dining experiences reveal problems. 

Spreading Germs

Bare tables are significantly less safe in terms of spreading contagious illnesses. This is largely due to the fact that cleaning agents are not given enough time to properly sterilize surfaces they’re used on. Most require at least 30 seconds of a settled layer to rest on the surface of the table to fully disinfect them. Many require even more than that. 

Noise Level

Restaurants that are too noisy are not good places to eat. If customers can’t hear their companions’ voices, the background music, or themselves think, their experience is severely diminished, no matter how good the food or service was. Tablecloths can significantly reduce the noise in the front of the house and are a powerful and inexpensive solution to this problem. 

Aesthetic and Feel

Though bare tables provide an aesthetic of their own, it’s not one that’s comfortable or inviting. When a customer sits at a table, they should be able to relax and enjoy the sensory experience before them. If it starts with cold, hard edges against their arms that announce every movement they make to the whole restaurant, comfort is hard to find. 


For employees, there’s no handier tool than a clean, dry towel. Only towels can turn a disastrous spill into a professional save, and ensuring employees have a ready supply of bar towels will let them do that. The only caveat is that the towels must be clean. If dirty, damaged, or old towels are seen by customers, nothing good can come of it. Additionally, their cleaning efforts will be more difficult, time-consuming, and less effective. 

How to Get High-Quality, Consistently Clean Restaurant Linen

Restaurants can purchase and manage these items themselves, but doing so comes with massive maintenance costs and requirements. Replacing tablecloths after every customer will run through hundreds of them weekly. The same is true of napkins and towels. 

In-house laundering operations can do this with significant investment in machinery, infrastructure modifications, training, labor, and maintenance repairs. Not to mention that if something goes wrong, the restaurant is left with every cost that comes with it. 

Professional Restaurant Linen Service is the Effective Answer 

Republic Master Chefs provides southern California with clean, professional-grade, local linen service for every restaurant in need of it. We carry

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