Environmentally-Friendly California Restaurant Linen Service

enviromentally friendly restaurant linen service california

“Environmentally-friendly” and “restaurant linen service,” even in California, were once thought of as contradictory concepts. Through technology and a renewed sense of commitment to sustainability, environmentally-friendly restaurant linen service in California and elsewhere has become a reality.

Why Work With an Environmentally-Friendly California Linen Service?

A better planet is, of course, the prime reason to go greener in your operations. But going green does not only benefit the planet; it benefits your business as well. 

Here’s how:

Increases Business Sustainability

As noble a goal as it is, making your operations more sustainable can be quite the undertaking. It can include massive transformations that can be, at best, expensive and, at worst, disruptive to your operations. Working with an environmentally-friendly linen service in California gives you an easy-to-achieve step towards going green. It helps keep the ball rolling on your eco-friendly efforts while buying you time to “green-ify” other areas of your operations.

Saves You Money and Time

There are several factors that make a linen operation eco-friendly. There are three things, however, that prove to be the most important: reduced water consumption, reduced energy consumption, and reduced fuel consumption. Unsurprisingly, they also happen to be three of the biggest contributors to the cost of linen service operations. Any significant decrease in consumption translates to lower production costs

Indefinitely Retained Linen Quality

Aside from reduced energy and water consumption, many eco-friendly linen operations lower their carbon footprint by switching to eco-friendlier detergents. This switch can have a great impact on your linen supplies. Many of these more sustainable detergents are gentler on fabrics, effectively extending their lifespan. It does that without jeopardizing hygiene, giving you the best of sustainability, safety, and clothing quality.

Your Best Option for Environmentally-Friendly California Restaurant Linen Service

If you’re ready to make the switch, partner with the most trusted, environmentally-friendly restaurant linen service company in California: Republic Master Chefs.

We are extremely proud of our unique Clean Green System. We have acted on our commitment towards sustainable operations through upgrades in our facility and many areas of our operations. Therefore, we can proudly share that through these efforts, we have achieved one green milestone after another, including:

  • 60% less water used
  • 30% less energy used
  • 35% of the water used is recycled
  • 40% reduction in discharged pollutants, thanks to our NPE environmentally-friendly wash chemicals.

We are not the only ones taking notice of our efforts and successes at making our operations eco-friendlier. Our Clean Green System has earned us the coveted Clean Green Certification by TRSA. It has also landed us a spot in TRSA’s Laundry Environmental Stewardship Program, which details our company’s contribution to the commercial laundry industry’s effort to becoming a greener industry.

Find on Your Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Linen Service in California Today With Republic Master Chefs

Republic Master Chefs remains as committed to cleanliness as we are to sustainability. That is why you can always trust that our results are just as clean, just as safe, and only kinder to the planet.

Take part in the move towards a cleaner and greener planet, one eco-friendly linen service at a time. Call Republic Master Chefs at (800) 640-2433 to learn more about our services.